Visiting the Antiochian Village’s Shrine to St. Artemius of Verkola

My children spent many happy summers at the Antiochian Village, and one of the saints whose icon is enshrined there is St. Artemius of Verkola. This young boy saint keeps watch over the fields at the village, praying for the children who play there (and the adults, as well, I am sure)! As I learned more about him over the  years, and as I experienced the light show that thunderstorms produce over the Village, I realized how special (and important!) it is that he is there, watching and praying. If you’re not sure what the significance is, please listen to our episode about him, found here:

On June 14, 2019, Elissa and I were at the Antiochian Village for the Ancient Faith Writers and Podcasters Conference. One of the events of the gathering was a pilgrimage to the grave of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. On that pilgrimage, we also were able to venerate the icons and graves of other saints and holy people. What a joy it was to visit the icon of St. Artemius, right after having written and recorded the episode about his life!

St. Artemius, Child Wonderworker of Verkola, please intercede for our salvation!