Virtual Sunday School #11

SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2020


This week, as we wait with the Holy Apostles for Pentecost, which will come next Sunday, we pause to take a look at their lives after the resurrection.

This is the video version of our audio podcast, which you’ll find on Ancient Faith Radio.

Activities for the Whole Family:

Have a “12 Apostles” scavenger hunt! Split your family into teams, or play together as one team! The goal of the scavenger hunt is to gather 12 items that remind you of each of the 12 Apostles. They may be items that begin with the same letter as (or rhyme with!) the name of an Apostle, or perhaps they remind us of some part of that Apostle’s life.

Play Twelves! Celebrate the number 12! The goal is to gather as many groups of cards that add up to 12 as possible. To play, use cards with numerals on them (i.e: regular playing cards with face cards removed, or Uno cards with numbers only). Set up: deal 4 cards to each player, placing the rest on a “draw” pile, and turning the top card over to form a second pile, the “discard” pile. The player to the left of the dealer goes first, and play continues in a clockwise direction. Players take turns drawing one card from either the draw pile or the discard pile. Every time a player accumulates a group of cards that adds up to 12, they set down that 12-group near themselves on the playing surface. After setting down any sets that they have, they must discard one card from their hand. They then replenish their hand from the draw pile, until they have a total of 4 cards in their hand. (So a turn goes like this: pick a card, lay down sets of 12 if possible, discard one card, replenish hand to 4 cards.) Play continues until the draw pile is emptied. When the last card from the draw pile is drawn, the player drawing it may set down any sets of 12 they have accumulated and discard one card if they wish. After that, every other player has one more opportunity to draw from the discard pile (if they wish), set down any 12-groups that they have, and discard one card before scoring occurs. This ends that round. Scoring: players receive 12 points for each 12-group, and must subtract any ungrouped points left in their hand at the end of the round. (Optional: Players can add one additional point to their score for each 12-group of cards which they name after a unique apostle.) The total accumulated points (12 for each pile, or 13 if using the naming option) is their score for that round. Rounds continue until someone reaches a dozen twelves (144 points) and wins the game.

Make an icon craft! Print icons of the 12 Apostles (you can find them in various places online). You might just color them in, but here are some more advanced ideas!

  1. Use one set of printed icons for a family project. Sand and paint a wooden plaque. When the paint is dry, work together to glue the icons to the plaque. (We recommend gluing with Mod Podge, but other glue would do.) Paint a layer or two of Mod Podge over the prints, as well, to seal them. When the plaque is dry, hang it in your icon corner to remind you to follow Christ as the Apostles did, and to ask them for their prayers for your family.
  2. Print a set of icons so that each child can make their own book about the Apostles. For each book, fold three sheets of white cardstock or paper in half (hamburger fold), and insert these pages into a folded piece of colored cardstock or paper. Staple 2-3 staples in the fold, creating a booklet. Each child can title and decorate their booklet on the cover (color) pages. Then they can use scissors to cut out each apostle’s icon and adhere the icon (with a glue stick) to one of the white pages in their booklet. Younger children can write (or trace) the name of the Apostle on the page with their icon. Older children can write the Apostle’s name, as well as something they know about the apostle. Children might also draw a sketch of something they like about the Apostle.

More Videos:

For Younger Kids: Learn about the Apostles (and memorize their names with ease!) by singing along with Khouria Gigi Shadid!

This sweet song reminds kids that we are also Christ’s disciples and He has called us too:

For Older Kids, Teens and Parents:  Learn more about St. Matthias:

The Hymn of the Day: This Serbian communion hymn honors the Apostles, and is sung on Thursdays. Careful, its joy is contagious!

Many of our children will miss participating in their Vacation Church Camps this summer, so Tending the Garden of Our Hearts is offering a virtual camp for families and parishes!

Rooted in Prayer

As always, you’ll find the audio-only version of this week’s Tending the Garden of Our Hearts weekly podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. Each episode begins with a lesson or meditation, and concludes with questions and discussion ideas to help your family grow in the faith together. You may want to look through the archives for more episodes during this quiet time at home.

In addition, we have archived all of our Virtual Sunday School lessons so that you can access them any time.