Summer 2021 Update: and Plans!

Hello! We have had numerous inquiries with regard to our plans for the Tending the Garden podcast. Those who are planning ahead for their family or Church school for the 2021-2022 year may find it helpful to know what we have in mind, so we are sharing it with you now, before the year begins.

God willing, we plan to begin writing a New Testament Bible stories book for children and families. It could be that some of the stories that will eventually be in that book may show up as episodes of our podcast this year, so stay tuned! We are both very excited to begin on this project. It has been on each of our hearts for a long time.
Throughout the COVID lockdown and the school year we have all just come through, we provided Sunday school lessons based around the Tending the Garden of Our Hearts episode of the week. This required that we coordinate a larger theme for the school year, scheduling each lesson in a way that made sense for both the school and the liturgical year. Each week, Elissa and I researched, wrote and recorded the lesson/episode, created related worksheets, and finally uploaded and laid everything out on the site. It took a lot of time and effort, but thank God, we were able to do it for that season. Thank you for your prayers. We needed them!
Writing a book is a lot of work. In order to free up time each week to work on that, we have made the decision to return to the usual podcast formula. Returning to a regular podcast will mean that the topics for our episodes will vary from week to week, and there won’t be worksheets. However, we will likely produce a written version of each episode and questions, and post that PDF, which could be a helpful starting point for anyone who still wishes to use the episode with their lessons. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we take on this new task, and as we continue to create weekly podcast episodes. We will surely need them. Thank you for all of your support, inquiries, and ideas. We are grateful to have you journeying with us in this way!
Thank you, too, for all that you are doing to help our young brothers and sisters to grow in the faith! May God bless your efforts!

With love in Christ,
Kristina (for Elissa, too)

Visiting the Antiochian Village’s Shrine to St. Artemius of Verkola

My children spent many happy summers at the Antiochian Village, and one of the saints whose icon is enshrined there is St. Artemius of Verkola. This young boy saint keeps watch over the fields at the village, praying for the children who play there (and the adults, as well, I am sure)! As I learned more about him over the  years, and as I experienced the light show that thunderstorms produce over the Village, I realized how special (and important!) it is that he is there, watching and praying. If you’re not sure what the significance is, please listen to our episode about him, found here:

On June 14, 2019, Elissa and I were at the Antiochian Village for the Ancient Faith Writers and Podcasters Conference. One of the events of the gathering was a pilgrimage to the grave of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. On that pilgrimage, we also were able to venerate the icons and graves of other saints and holy people. What a joy it was to visit the icon of St. Artemius, right after having written and recorded the episode about his life!

St. Artemius, Child Wonderworker of Verkola, please intercede for our salvation!