Virtual Vacation Church Camp — in the FALL?

We are finding that several parishes are using our Virtual Vacation Church Camp in the Fall! If you don’t have a need for VCC this summer, you might consider this!

The camp is designed to be used in five sessions. Each session features an opening prayer, video lesson, activities & printables, music lesson video, Saint of the Day video, and closing prayer. You could do them over a week this Summer, OR you could use them this Fall! Perhaps your Sunday School is meeting virtually — you can do the program five Sundays in a row, or the first Sunday of every month for five months… or whenever you like.

We designed Rooted in Prayer for maximum flexibility — it can be your summer program, or maybe it’s five days of Sunday School next Fall! May God bless you as you put together a plan for your parish or family this year!

Plans for Fall

Now that we have finished our Virtual Vacation Church Camp, we are thinking about this Fall.

As much as we enjoyed our Virtual Sunday School this Spring, the video lessons were incredibly time-consuming to produce, so we have come up witha more sustainable model for the coming year. We think you’ll like it!

We’ll resume our Tending the Garden of Our Hearts audio podcast, and on this website we’ll be posting downloadable written materials, including a lesson plan to help parents use the podcast as part of an informal lesson at home, as well as a few activity sheets for the kids!

Whether your parish is able to provide Sunday School classes in person or online — or at all — we’ve got you covered at home! You can supplement your parish program and develop your Little Church with these lessons, and if your parish cannot offer it, this will provide the ongoing religious education our children need. (And who are we kidding? We parents are learning too, and we need this!)

So join us this Fall for more of the Tending the Garden of Our Hearts lessons you love, with supplementary materials to make your Little Church a place where we can grow together in faith and love!

Rooted in Prayer — our new Virtual Vacation Church Camp

We are so excited to announce that Tending the Garden of Our Hearts, in partnership with Ancient Faith Ministries, is releasing a Virtual Vacation Church Camp for families and parishes! The camp is a set of videos and written materials, and will be available for download, and will be sold through the Ancient Faith Store beginning June 30.


The camp’s theme will be Prayer, and we’ll be exploring many aspects of prayer with the kids. What is prayer? Why do we pray? How does one pray? Are there many ways to pray? And of course, it’s Vacation Church Camp, so it will have plenty of fun activities and games as well!


Vacation Church Camp?

Christ is risen!

Tending the Garden’s Virtual Sunday School will continue through Pentecost (June 7) and then we’ll break for summer. Usually, parishes would offer Vacation Church Camp over the summer — but this year, that’s not likely to happen. We’ve decided to offer a Virtual camp, so that parishes and families can experience VCC together at home!

We’ll keep you posted as the plan evolves.

Virtual VCC announcement