Weekly Meditations for Families

The official Tending the Garden of our Hearts podcast series premieres on Ancient Faith Radio this Sunday, May 20!

Every week, we’ll release a new episode designed to help the entire family learn together and to inspire conversation on Orthodox topics! Once the first episode is released, you’ll be able to go to the Ancient Faith Radio podcast page and Subscribe, so that every week a link to the new episode is in your email inbox!

We’re looking forward to making these family meditations a regular part of our lives, through all the seasons of the church year!

Visiting the Antiochian Village’s Shrine to St. Artemius of Verkola

My children spent many happy summers at the Antiochian Village, and one of the saints whose icon is enshrined there is St. Artemius of Verkola. This young boy saint keeps watch over the fields at the village, praying for the children who play there (and the adults, as well, I am sure)! As I learned more about him over the  years, and as I experienced the light show that thunderstorms produce over the Village, I realized how special (and important!) it is that he is there, watching and praying. If you’re not sure what the significance is, please listen to our episode about him, found here:

On June 14, 2019, Elissa and I were at the Antiochian Village for the Ancient Faith Writers and Podcasters Conference. One of the events of the gathering was a pilgrimage to the grave of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. On that pilgrimage, we also were able to venerate the icons and graves of other saints and holy people. What a joy it was to visit the icon of St. Artemius, right after having written and recorded the episode about his life!

St. Artemius, Child Wonderworker of Verkola, please intercede for our salvation!

Christ is risen! New podcast coming soon.

Christ is risen!

Thank you so much for joining us through Great Lent and Holy Week!  We hope that you and your families have enjoyed a beautiful feast, and that it lasts for forty wonderful days!

To keep Pascha alive in your home, be sure to chant ‘Christ is risen’ whenever you are praying together — in the morning, at meals, and in the evening!  Greet your children joyfully with ‘Christ is risen’ in the mornings, so that they are reminded to carry the joy of Pascha in their hearts!

We have enjoyed taking this journey with you, and Kristina and I are happy to announce that we’ve been invited to produce a weekly Family Meditation podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!  Every week, we’ll have a new episode, inviting you to listen with your children and to engage in conversation that develops the family’s faith.

We’ll make more announcements soon!

Christ is risen!


If you’re as fascinated as we are by the idea of stylites (see our meditation for the last Wednesday of Great Lent) you’ll want to go online to see images of a modern stylite and his pillar and to preview a documentary about him!

There are images online of the kinds of pillars the ancient stylites lived on — most of them were much narrower, with tiny spaces for their cells. They usually had short walls or little fences at the top to keep the stylite from falling down.