Holy Apostles Printable Pages

The series of podcasts beginning in late May of 2018 focuses on the lives of some of the apostles. As we study the apostles’ lives, it will help us to remember them if we take a little time after each episode to create something that reminds us of the apostle(s) that were featured in the episode. There are many ways to do so. Here are two:

  1. We can journal or draw about the apostle(s), or perhaps do both to help us remember them! Here is a Holy Apostles Notebook Printable that can be used to create a notebook where each page features one of the apostles. As you learn about additional apostles, you can print more copies of this printable page. Collect all of your pages into a notebook that will help you remember each amazing apostle!
  2. Those of us who save trading cards might prefer this reproducible Holy Apostles Trading Cards Printable. Print the “Apostles Trading Cards” printable on card stock, and cut each copy into  fourths, to create the trading cards. Draw and write about one of the apostles on each trading card. Keep the playing cards in a place where you can find them to refresh your memory or share with others.