Virtual Sunday School #7

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2020


Christ is risen! The Holy Myrrhbearers brought myrrh and spices to the tomb of our Lord and became the very first people to hear the good news.

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Activities for the Whole Family:

Summer Kinard (author of Of Such is the Kingdom) offers a lesson that is accessible to all, allowing everyone to enter into the story of the myrrhbearers with this hands-on, accessible activity that forms memory and attention through the beautiful sensory anchor of myrrh oils. (In this video for parents, she explains how to set up this wonderful activity for the kids!)

Find the names of the myrrhbearers (well, the ones that we know) in this word search.

Use a special key to decode this puzzle to find some of the ways that the myrrhbearers showed their love for Jesus.

Consider the ways in which you are a myrrhbearer. In what ways do you show love to the body of Christ? Write or draw about them on this response page.

The myrrhbearing women were coming to the tomb to minister to Christ’s body, even though they knew that He was dead and therefore would never know that they had come to care for Him. They were not coming to do anything big or loud: just a small, loving action that they knew needed to be done. (Of course, we know that He was very much NOT dead, and He knew about their ministrations, but they didn’t know that!)

  • Talk together as a family about “Christ’s body” in your neighborhood or parish. Who do you know that has a need that you can fill in some small, loving way? Perhaps there is someone who would enjoy eating something that your family could bake? Or who do you know that would be cheered by some flowers from your garden or by receiving a homemade card or note? Make a list of those whom you know who are in need, and plan how you will minister to them in your own small and loving way.
  • Talk about what your family does in memory of departed loved ones. How does it compare to what the myrrhbearing women planned to do for Christ? Is there anyone that your family should commemorate together at this time? How could you do that?


More Videos:

For Younger Kids: Sing along with Khouria Gigi Shadid in this series of songs. “Golgotha” tells about how Christ was crucified, and encourages us to be ready whenever Christ comes back. “Patron St. George” is about St. George. The third song, “The Body of Christ” talks about all of us working together to build up the body of Christ.


Here’s a live-action video that can help you imagine what it was like for the myrrhbearing women to go to the tomb and find it empty:


For Older Kids, Teens and Parents: In this Be the Bee video, Katrina Bitar of YES joins Steve as they consider what it means to put love into action. After the video, you might take a look at the Youth Equipped to Serve (a ministry of FOCUS North America) website to think about how you might become a part of this movement.


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