Virtual Sunday School #9

SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2020


Christ is risen! This week is the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman so we will look at Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, and how she became St. Photini, Equal-to-the-Apostles!

This is the video version of our audio podcast, which you’ll find on Ancient Faith Radio.

Activities for the Whole Family:

Race to the well on a Samaritan Woman obstacle course!

  •  The course should begin in the “streets of Shechem”, with pillows on the floor (if you’re inside) or small boxes on the ground (if you’re outside) as the “buildings” along the streets. Beyond “Shechem”, place items in a scattered, winding path for the runners to follow. Be creative: they may have to circle a time or two around the “wild donkey” on the path; crawl over the “tree that has just fallen from last night’s storm” or under “the farmer’s grapevine”: you get the idea…
  • The goal is to reach “the well” (which could be a pile of pillows or blocks – and building it could be part of the course if you like).
  • Players must carry a pitcher (or empty plastic milk jug or water bottle) so they can “get water at the well” as they walk/run the course.
  • After “filling their jug” at the well, they run back over the course again to “tell the people of Shechem about Jesus.”
  • Time the runners to see who is fastest. Or fill the “pitcher” with water and measure who still has the most left at the end of their run!

Build Jacob’s Well! Can you create your own well? You could use small rocks held together with playdough, or blocks or legos… or you could craft a paper well! You might even act out the story at your well, with paper characters or plastic toy people — or you could print some people from a website, and maybe even some Biblical-era costumes!

What did Jesus ask the Samaritan woman to give to Him? He used the same thing to help her understand Who He is. Color in the dotted pieces to find out! 

Unscramble the mixed-up words from John 4:13-14 that Jesus said to the woman at the well.

How different St. Photini’s life must have been after she met Jesus at the well! She would certainly have had a different look on her face before she met Him and after! Think about that and draw her both before and after. 

Jesus tells us that we can worship God anywhere, if we worship in spirit and in truth. Where do you feel God’s presence? Write or draw about those places on this response page.

Connect the dots to find what the woman was doing when she met Jesus.

More Videos:

For Younger Kids: Sing along with Khouria Gigi Shadid. This singalong includes a song about the days of the week (and who it is that we commemorate on each day), “Time to Go to Church”, and “Full of Grace”:

Here’s a live-action video to help you envision Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well:

For Older Kids, Teens and Parents: In this Be the Bee video, St. Photini gets a very special shout-out as Steve talks about the importance of women in the Church. 

This dramatization of a beautiful poem written from the perspective of the Samaritan woman asks us to consider what it means to be known.

Have you seen Three Men and a Bible? It’s a new weekly Bible Study with Fr. Panagiotis Boznos, Nick Lionas, and Steve Christoforou. This week’s episode focuses on the story of the Samaritan Woman.

Many of our children will miss participating in their Vacation Church Camps this summer, so Tending the Garden of Our Hearts is offering a virtual camp for families and parishes! Stay tuned for details.

Virtual VCC announcement

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