Supplemental Resources for the book Tending the Garden of Our Hearts: Daily Lenten Meditations for Families

Here are links to a few supplemental resources for Tending the Garden of Our Hearts: Daily Lenten Meditations for Families.

Countdown to Pascha idea photos

Blogger and beautifully creative mom Sarah Gingrich has created printable ornaments for each day’s meditation, and has given us permission to share them with you. They can be found in her review of the book, here:

Week 1:

printable of quotes from saints for discussion

printable word “forgiveness” for art activity

Week 2:

one resource for printable icon pdfs

Week 3:

printable Jesus Prayer pdf for coloring or decorating

printable copy of St. John Chrysostom’s hourly prayers

Week 4:

link to directions for a simple beaded cross

first (in a series) of cross-focused art

printable logo for “humbleman” activity

Orthodox Pebbles’ Holy Cross printable activities

Week 5:

video about persevering as exhibited in an Olympic event

one way to assemble Blessing Bags for those in need

Week 6:

hammer some flowers or leaves to decorate St. John Chrysostom’s quote on fasting

refresh your memory or learn how to fold a palm cross

Orthodox Pebbles’ repentance printable activities

Week 7:

helpful guide to the services of Holy Week

activity page to help guide focus during a Holy Unction service