Virtual Sunday School #6

SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2020


Christ is risen! On this first Sunday after Pascha, we consider the importance of Christ’s “opening of the Scriptures” and the significance of the Apostle Thomas’ desire to see and touch Christ’s wounds.

This is the video version of our audio podcast, which you’ll find on Ancient Faith Radio.

Activities for the Whole Family:

Art Project: What it would be like if Jesus just appeared?

  • Prepare in advance: print out a line art image of Christ, tape it to a window, and tape a blank sheet of paper over it. Use a white crayon to trace Christ’s image onto the blank sheet of paper. Repeat until you have one white-crayon ‘Christ” on a page for each child. If you like, you could also write messages like “Christ is in our midst” or “Jesus is with us”. (If you do not have a white crayon, a white candle might work, or white glue could work, but you couldn’t use the window…)
  • When it’s lesson time, talk with the kids about how the disciples must have felt when Jesus just appeared, and then give each child one of the sheets you’ve prepared and a paintbrush. Invite them to paint on the sheet with watercolors. Watch for their reactions as Christ appears unexpectedly on the page!

Celebrate how Jesus invited Thomas to stick his finger into his side by baking delicious fingerprint cookies! Be sure to use lots of butter since we’re still feasting…

Act out the story of the disciples being in the room, afraid of the Jews, when Jesus appeared to them and Thomas gets to touch His wounds. You’ll find the story in the Scriptures at John 20: 19-31.

Learn about iconography by finishing the icon showing what helped Thomas to believe, and then color it.

Consider what Christ keeps saying — and giving — to His Apostles while decorating His words.

Reflect on today’s lesson and Christ’s message of peace on our response page.

More Videos:

For Younger Kids: If you can forgive the odd choice to turn Cleopas into a lady (likely choosing inclusiveness over historical accuracy) this adorable video explains the Emmaus story beautifully — and it rhymes!

For Older Kids, Teens and Parents: This Be the Bee video looks at the importance of St. Thomas’ questioning, and considers our own struggles with doubt.

The Hymn of the Day: The Angel Cried is one of the most beloved hymns of the Paschal season. Here, Archangel Voices sings it beautifully (with subtitles to help you learn it!):

As we extend our celebration of Pascha into the forty days, we offer you a couple of unique Christ is Risen! versions to reinvigorate your own singing!

From Ghana:

From Appalachia:

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