Virtual Sunday School

Journey Through the Parables with us! The lessons open with an Introduction, which we invite you to read before you get started. There, you’ll find information on the Journey Through the Parables: Expedition Log Book. Every lesson will include a special page for this book, so that by the end of the year, your kids will have a whole book of Parables to keep.

Click Below to access the lessons.

The lessons include:

  • a short read-aloud lesson
  • a podcast recording of Elissa & Kristina teaching the lesson (for those families who like to learn in the car!)
  • discussion questions
  • printable worksheets and puzzles

It’s everything you need for Sunday school class, or for a weekly family lesson!

We are following this school year calendar for 2020-2021:

We’ve also launched a Facebook group where parents and teachers can gather to ask questions, discuss challenges, and crowdsource ideas and inspiration!

You’ll find our Virtual Sunday School lessons from Spring of 2020 in our archives.