Virtual Sunday School Lesson #5

Take a look at our Holy Week and Pascha at Home page, where we’re posting ideas and resources for your Little Church’s celebrations.

After Pascha, we’ll return to our regular Sunday format, with a Sunday School lesson on Thomas Sunday.




This week, we consider the meaning of Holy Week and Pascha, reminding ourselves why we set apart this week every year, and why Pascha is the most joyful feast of all.

This is the video version of our audio podcast, which you’ll find on Ancient Faith Radio.


Printable Activity Sheets:

Holy Week Time Capsule: Print up this packet to memorialize this unusual at-home Holy Week and Pascha for posterity.

Holy Wednesday: When Mary washes our Lord with expensive oil, Judas objects, but Jesus has an important explanation. Explore it while decoding this secret message.

Holy Thursday: Recall Christ’s words at the Mystical Supper with this fill-in-the-blank page.

Holy Friday: Spend some time drawing and considering Christ’s great love for you, which He showed on the cross.

Holy Saturday: Uncover Hades’ great mistake with this word scramble.

Great and Holy Pascha: Decorate a sign that announces the glorious news that Christ is risen!


You’ll find activities and ideas on our Holy Week and Pascha page.


More Videos:

For Younger Kids: Kh. Gigi Shadid’s Golgotha, helps kids learn and remember Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.


For Older Kids, Teens and Parents: On Be the Bee Steve discusses the idea the because Christ is rise, we are offered participation in God’s true and eternal life.


The Hymn of the Day: Kh. Gigi Shadid’s Christ is risen!


A Pascha Bonus!

In addition, we offer you Elissa’s favorite Pascha song, which was written by St. Nikolai Velimirovich. In the comments, you’ll find that Elizabeth Riggs has posted an English translation.


As always, you’ll find the audio-only version of this week’s Tending the Garden of Our Hearts weekly podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. Each episode begins with a lesson or meditation, and concludes with questions and discussion ideas to help your family grow in the faith together. You may want to look through the archives for more episodes during this quiet time at home.


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